Challenge - Mastering WooCommerce

Challenge : Mastering WooCommerce

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This is the post list in the challenge “Mastering WooCommerce”:

1. How to Add a 5% Surcharge to Your WooCommerce Cart / Checkout
2. Remove ‘(Free)’ label text for WooCommerce Shipping and Handling
3. How to Add Custom Order Status ‘Pre Order’ for WooCommerce 2.2
4. Display Total Product Sold Quantity to WooCommerce Product Page
5. How to Add Payment Type and Order Notes to All WooCommerce Emails
6. How to Change/Remove Paypal Icon at Checkout Page
7. How to Change WooCommerce Product Image Size
8. Change WooCommerce Related Products Display

5 thoughts on “Challenge : Mastering WooCommerce”

  1. Hi,

    I need to find the solution, how to add custom price on woocommerce product details page. Actually i am implementing the resell product features using woocommerce. Please suggest a way how to do this ASAP.

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