How to Add Payment Type to WooCommerce Admin New Email

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WooCommerce will be sending out email notification to admin for any new order with completed status. Anyway, sometimes we need to know what is the chosen payment type for each order through email.

I will share the snippet below so that you can use to add payment type information to new order email for admin.

add_action( 'woocommerce_email_after_order_table', 'admin_new_order_email_payment_type', 15, 2 );

function admin_new_order_email_payment_type( $order, $is_admin_email ) {
  if ( $is_admin_email ) {
    echo '<p><strong>Payment Type:</strong> ' . $order->payment_method_title . '</p>';

You can add those code into your theme functions.php.

Hope this will help anyone who need this.

1 thought on “How to Add Payment Type to WooCommerce Admin New Email”

  1. Nice code. But could you tell me how you know $order, $is_admin_email as parameters for your function. I cannot find these in the woocommerce documention.

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