How to Change/Remove Paypal Icon at Checkout Page

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If you have noticed WooCommerce used large Paypal icon at the Payment section in checkout page since previous updates, then maybe you would like to change that image or remove that.

Refer the screenshot below:

WooCommerce Default Paypal Icon
WooCommerce Default Paypal Icon

So if you would like to change this icon or remove that, do follow below methods.

Option 1 : Change to Custom Image/Icon

You just need to put above code into your active theme functions.php, at the end of file.

function tt_custom_paypal_icon($iconUrl) {
return ''; // change this to your image url or uploaded WordPress image url.

add_filter('woocommerce_paypal_icon', 'tt_custom_paypal_icon');

So the result will be:

Custom Paypal Icon
Custom Paypal Icon


Option 2 : Remove large paypal icon and the link ‘What is Paypal?’

Add below code into your active theme custom.css:

li.payment_method_paypal img, a.about_paypal {
  display: none !important;

And the result will be:

Remove Paypal Icon at WooCommerce Checkout Page
Remove Paypal Icon at WooCommerce Checkout Page

7 thoughts on “How to Change/Remove Paypal Icon at Checkout Page”

  1. hi there,
    great post … but if i want to add a little icon like paypal in other payment methods?
    an icon for direct bank transfer and postepay card ..

    any suggestions?

    best regards.

  2. OMGoodness, this was big help to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My client wants to use their PayEezy gateway AND offer PayPal as an alternative, but she didn’t necessarily want to ENCOURAGE people to pay with their card via PayPal. In other words, for a lower processing fee she wants to use PayEezy for credit cards. But she also wanted them to have the option to pay with their PayPal funds if they wanted to. So while,*technically* they could also use their credit card via PayPal and she pays the higher processing fee, removing the credit card icons makes it *look like* credit cards are one option and PayPal funds are another. I hope I’m making sense! Thank you for this little trick!!

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