Learning Symfony2 – A List of Symfony2 Tutorials and Resources

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Symfony (www.symfony.com) is a PHP framework for web projects. Symfony2 is getting more popular each day and if you would like to get your hand on this powerful framework, do start now and begin a project. In my opinion, reading tutorial and develop something you are interested is a good way to master a new programming language.

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Symfony2 aims to speed up the creation and maintenance of your PHP web applications. Replace the repetitive coding tasks by power, control and pleasure.

Below are the list of tutorials and resources that can help you along the journey of learning Symfony2, cheers!

Official Symfony2 Book(2.0) Tutorial:

Official Symfony2 Cookbook(2.0) Tutorial:

KnpUniversity – Symfony2 Screencasts & Resources


The Symfony2 Tutorial & Demo by Knp

Bundles for Symfony2 by KnpBundles

Symfony2 Google Mailing Group

Creating a blog in Symfony2 : symblog – A Symfony2 Tutorial by dsyph3r


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