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3 Steps to Enable SEO Friendly URL in OpenCart

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SEO plays an important role for eCommerce as this will be the one of effective ways to drive more traffic to you online shop. Other than Social Media that claimed to be the fastest way to get leads, but Social Media conversion rate is lower than SEO organic traffic where some research and survey were carried out recently.

OpenCart is a popular Open Source eCommerce platform where more and more users start building their online store with more free built-in features.


In order to enabled SEO in OpenCart, do follow below 3 steps:

Step 1: Enabled “Use SEO URL’s” in “System” > “Settings” > “Your Store” and at [Server] tab.

Enable SEO Url in System > Settings > Server
Enable SEO Url in System > Settings > Server


Step 2: Browse your project root directory, rename “.htaccess.txt” to “.htaccess”, and don’t change anything.


If you put your project inside a directory(not root level), then you need to edit the line of code ‘RewriteBase /’

For example, if you put your opencart in “store” folder –, then you need to set ‘RewriteBase /store

**If you are using Mac, you mostly cannot see .htaccess.txt from Finder, u need to use Terminal and go to the folder, then use command “mv .htaccess.txt .htaccess

Step 3: Now it’s time to add SEO keyword/slug URL for each product at “Catalog” > “Products” > [Data] tab after you click ‘Edit’ for a product

Note: Do not use spaces instead replace spaces with – and make sure the keyword is globally unique.

For example: ‘apple-cinema-30‘ for a product – Apple Cinema 30″

Add SEO Keywords in OpenCart Product
Add SEO Keywords in OpenCart Product

Hope you all found this tutorial useful to start SEO for your online shop.


For more advanced techniques and SEO best practices, you can download this plugin – “OpenCart Smart SEO“.

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  1. Hey Terry thanks for explaining OpenCart’s step by step optimization process. I have just explored your blog, all the posts are really informative.
    Haven’t see any activity since May’15, do keep sharing!

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