WooCommerce Min/Max Order Quantity Plugin

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A WooCommerce plugin that allow user to define minimum/maximum order quantity for entire shop/certain product (including variations) to control the quantities of items which can be purchased.

Download WooCommerce Min/Max Order Quantity

1. General Options

WooCommerce > Settings – General Tab (‘Cart, Checkout and Accounts’ section) lets you set up the default min/max order and add to cart quantity for entire shop. These options can be overridden per-product too.
* Enabled Product Cart Addon
* Default Order Quantity per Cart Step
* Default Min Order Quantity
* Default Max Order Quantity

2. Product Options

To override individual product settings, do Edit Product and go to ‘Product Data’ section:
* Product Cart Addon
* Order Quantity per Cart Step
* Minimum Order Quantity
* Maximum Order Quantity

* Do use POEdit and open ‘product_cart_addon.pot’ file and save the file as ‘product_cart_addon-[language code].po’, then put that into languages folder for this plugin.
* Support latest WooCommerce 2.0.x

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