WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO

WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO

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A WooCommerce plugin that allow user to add multiple extra fee for any order with flexible options.

You can add extra fee/charge that can be filter by:
1. Type (Fixed Rate or Cart % Fee)
2. Minimum Order (Optional, apply extra fee when cart total is less or equal than this amount)
3. Cart Item Range (Optional, apply extra fee when total cart items is within this range)
4. Payment (Optional, apply extra fee when payment is selected/default at checkout page)
5. Shipping (Optional, apply extra fee when shipping is selected/default at checkout page)

You can use this plugin for:
1. Add extra credit card fee with type “Cart % Fee” type and “Credit Card” payment (For example: 4% extra credit card charge for cart total)
2. Local Delivery Extra Charge (For example: $2 per order)
3. Extra Fee for Bulk Order (For example: add $10 if above 10 items)
4. and other possible combination or conditions…

Get it now with limited time offer : $39 $29, till 31 Oct 2013.


Admin WooCommerce Settings - Extra Fee Options PRO
Admin WooCommerce Settings – Extra Fee Options PRO
Frontend WooCommerce - Cart page
Frontend WooCommerce – Cart page
Frontend WooCommerce - Checkout page
Frontend WooCommerce – Checkout page

17 thoughts on “WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO”

  1. Hi Terry,

    For my wholesale customers who are drop shipping to their customers, I would like to add a $15 fee to each product. I’m wondering if your WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO would be able to add an extra fee to individual products? Can this be selected with a checkbox by the customer?


  2. Hi Terry,
    Can your WooCommerce Extra Fee Options PRO allows additional fee for PayPal payment mode? And does this plugin works with the latest version of WooCommerce?

    1. Hi Rod, yes, you can add extra fee for specified payment included Paypal as well. And it is compatible with latest WooCommerce version from my previous testing. If your site does’t work, do let me know, i will support you on that. Thanks.

  3. Hi Terry,
    What I want to achieve is have a rate set using one of the inbuilt woocommerce shipping options. If a customer orders more than a certain quantity (say 4 items) then for every additional item, an extra charge of $1 is charged? Using the ‘cart item range’ settings in your plugin would this be achievable?

    1. Hi Aaron, currently the plugin allows you to charge a total amount or percentage when the total ordered items is within the cart item range. But thanks for your feature request, i will add this to my future release.

    1. Hi Sukh,

      You can use this plugin to add extra fees for a specified payment gateway, including your mentioned one. So have a try, do email me if you need any help, thanks.

    1. Hi Sukh,

      Actually you can add multiple rows of extra fees based on different options. Let’s say you can add 4% extra fee when user choose payment “BarclaycardCw”. Then another condition is to add fixed fee $10 when user choose “Local Delivery” for example. Do have a look here for more screenshots and explanation, cheers!

  4. Hi Terry,

    Did you already updated the plugin so it can do a product based fee? So if the fixed fee per product is 1 and there are 3 items in the cart the total fee is 3..?

  5. Hi terry,
    I have bought a wordpress theme where woocommerce is implemented. Before I buy extra fee plugin in I need to know some information. As my website is based on selling adventure excursions, I would like to know if it is possible to put an extra field if the guests need a transfer to/from starting point which would be surcharged for example 10 $ per person/excursion. And this extra fee would be applied only if the client put checkmark if he needs this service.

  6. Hi, If I have more than one shipping method under a single shipping zone, can your plugin add a 10€ fee if the client choose one shipping method or another?

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