WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

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This is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to add multiple tabs to WooCommerce product page. You can add unlimited product tabs and apply them to all products or just certain selected products with “Products Visibility” option box at Product Tab New/Edit form.


Under WooCommerce and Products sidebar panel, there will be a new menu link called ‘Product Tabs‘ section.

There are 2 child menu links under ‘Product Tabs’ section:
*   Product Tabs (list of available general product tabs)
*   Add New

Below are key features for the plugin:
*   Add new product tabs easily and apply them to all products or certan products only
*   2 languages available : English UK (en_GB) and Chinese (zh_CN)

WooCommerce Extension Project

Delivery: WordPress plugin, WooCommerce Extension
Role : WooCommerce Developer
URL: http://terrytsang.com/shop/shop/woocommerce-custom-product-tabs/

Price : $25, now offer $19.

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