WooCommerce Custom Checkout Options (Extension)

WooCommerce Custom Checkout Options Extension

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This is a premium WooCommerce plugin that aims to implement customization for entire checkout process.

WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields
WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields

In WooCommerce Settings Panel, there will be a new tab called ‘Custom Checkout’ where you can:
1. Enabled / Disabled the checkout fields (default / custom field)
2. Change Required settings for all the fields
3. Change Field Label Name and Placeholder
4. Add Custom Fields for the checkout form
5. There are 8 types of input available now (Text, Password, Textarea, Date, Country, State) & Added NEW! (Select, Checkbox)
6. Change Position (Billing, Shipping, Account, Order) for each field
7. Update CSS for field class (built in class css : form-row-first, form-row-last, form-row-wide)

1. This plugin requires the WooCommerce Extension.
2. If you select “Select” Type, do set “Select Options” column field in string with comma separate format (for example: [None],General,Feedback,Request)
3. If you select “Checkbox” Type, do uncheck “Required” column field

* All the custom checkout fields will be displayed at customer received email and view order details at My Account.
* Demo custom checkout form will be shown on my checkout page, do add anything and click checkout. Thank you.

Now you can purchase this woocommerce extension with 15% discount till 30 Nov 2012, with special price $28 (original price is $33).


14 thoughts on “WooCommerce Custom Checkout Options Extension”

  1. I need to put VAT ID Nº. as mandatory field so that they appear on the orders.
    This plugin changes the settings in orders?


  2. Hi Terry, is it possible to add a new position? I need to put fields above the billing/shipping section, where the errors appear. The hook is called ‘woocommerce_before_checkout_form’.


  3. Hi

    I recently installed your custom checkout woocommerce extension, and all seems to be working except I get this error message at the checkout.

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mountai/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/checkout/form-billing.php on line 25

    Any help gratefully received.

    1. Hi Jane, do you enable the compulsory billing field – Email Address? This will be needed for order confirmation sending to customer. Apart form this, some default fields will be needed for some other extensions as well. So to avoid any disruption, better ask that extension author if the field is required. Thank you.

  4. Hi there,

    I need to display these fields conditional if there is a product belong to a specific category in the cart, is this possible? (I have already written the code to work with custom fields not using the plugin and it works fine— but i am just having issues w/ the values showing in email).

  5. Hi!

    I bought your plugin last sunday and it works great! I only have one problem, on my “new order template” a can see the new field “phone shipping” but the phone isn’t showing. Any idea why? Tank you!

  6. Hi, same question as Joe, regarding Conditional Fields.

    Isell tickets, and other products.
    I have 3 custom fields:
    1 Attendee Name
    1 Attendee Phone
    1 Attendee Email

    These I only want to display when tickets are in the cart, so when there is a product from the TICKET category.

    To take it a step further, if the user selected two ticktes and so forth, i want to display these custom fields aswell:
    2 Attendee Name
    2 Attendee Phone
    2 Attendee Email

    3 Attendee Name
    3 Attendee Phone
    3 Attendee Email

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