WooCommerce Custom Checkout Options (Extension)

WooCommerce Custom Checkout Fields Option

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A premium WooCommerce plugin that aims to implement customization for entire checkout process.

In WooCommerce Settings Panel, there will be a new tab called ‘Custom Checkout’ where you can:
1. Enabled / Disabled the checkout fields (default / custom field)
2. Change Required settings for all the fields
3. Change Field Label Name and Placeholder
4. Add Custom Fields for the checkout form
5. There are 8 types of input available now (Text, Password, Textarea, Date, Country, State) & Added NEW! (Select, Checkbox)
6. Change Position (Billing, Shipping, Account, Order) for each field
7. Update CSS for field class (built in class css : form-row-first, form-row-last, form-row-wide)

1. This plugin requires the WooCommerce Extension.
2. If you select “Select” Type, do set “Select Options” column field in string with comma separate format (for example: [None],General,Feedback,Request)
3. If you select “Checkbox” Type, do uncheck “Required” column field

Download: http://terrytsang.com/shop/shop/woocommerce-custom-checkout-options/

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