WooCommerce Product Badge

WooCommerce Product Badge

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WooCommerce Product Badge” – A free WooCommerce plugin that let you display ‘New’, ‘Sale’ (Save %) and ‘Featured’ badge at shop and product page.

In WooCommerce Sidebar Menu, there will be a new submenu link called ‘Product Badge’ where you can:

  • Enabled / Disabled the plugin
  • Show “New” Badge
  • New Product with How Many Days?
  • Show “Sale” Badge
  • Show “Featured” Badge
WooCommerce > Product Badge Option Page
WooCommerce > Product Badge Option Page
  • Displays ‘New’, ‘Sale’ and ‘Featured’ badge on WooCommerce products.
  • 2 languages available : English UK (en_GB) and Chinese (zh_CN)

  • If you need to add new language file, do use POEdit and open ‘wc-product-badge.pot’ file and save the file as wc-product-badge-[language code].po, then put that into languages folder for this plugin.


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  1. Great plugin,I would like to ingaertte a my reviews tab to the buddypress profile.Do you know if there is a function to call a specific user’s reviews?Thanks in advance,Jonas

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