Passion is The Fruition of Your Life

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I believe everyone will have their own version of dream life, but in order to make your dream life become reality, you must take your first step to change, commit and never give up. Passion is the fruition of our life.


Now i am taking my first step to start writing about my thoughts, my life and my stories in the hope that all these sharing will inspire someone and it plant a seed into your dream land.

A book that inspire and start with why

Recently i have read a book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek is an unshakable optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Above is the short bio about the author. He is doing what he believed and inspire anyone on board who also believe in what he is leading them to. The thought of the author inspires me.

In life, we always forgot the belief, cause or purpose in what we are doing as there are so many attraction, desire and pursue of something that we think is important and must have. But if you stop and rethink, look back to the beginning of everything, you will realize you just walk too far away of your initial goals.

For example, you want to live a life with flexibility and spend more time with family, but currently you just work over 50 hours per week to earn extra, spend little time with family and friends, and then you hope this will finally get what you want. Money? Career? Oh please, try to look back what you want to achieve at first. Please don’t lie to yourself.

Below is Sinek’s quote from his website:

Imagine a world where people wake up every day inspired to go to work, feel safe while they are there, and return home at the end of the day feeling fulfilled by the work they do, feeling that they have contributed to something greater than themselves

In fact, i think we need to find the balance of our work and life and we can choose getting to the destination without sacrifice anyone and own health along the journey, because you won’t want to miss the precious and once in a lifetime moments with your loved ones.

Passion to be your base stone and fuel of energy

If you start your business with a belief and passion, and your mission is about what you do and how you do it, then you will hardly get lost and burnout because you are not fighting alone and contributed to something greater than themselves.

When you launch your business with great cause, it will shine and attract people around the world with same belief and mission, and your business will grow steadily and easily as the passion fuel of everyone on board will generate an unstoppable and sustainable energy to get the engine running until you reach the destination, it’s a win-win and everyone happy, viola!

Sean Meenan, is an American entrepreneur from New York. He conceived and owns Cafe Habana in Manhattan, Malibu and Dubai. Cafe Habana was built out with the mission to create a space that was inviting to people from every strata of society, using the concept of a diner’s counter top as the main tool. Meenan’s goal was to eventually see the day’s most famous model sitting comfortably between a homeless person from the Bowery and an old school New Yorker. Then he opened Habana Outpost in Brooklyn, New York’s first solar powered restaurant. Meenan continue making his dreams come true with passion by expanding Habana mission to all over the world and investing in other industries with good cause such as Etsy.

From the story about Sean Meenan, you can see that his passion is the motivation and inspiration that drive him to continue moving forward with missions and goals.

The power of good habits

Planning without passion leads nowhere but passion without planning can get channeled into the wrong direction. So you need both passion and planning in order to get started.

Good habits is the key to execute your planning in the long run, just liked a marathon runner use regular and consistent breathing technique for 42km long-distance journey. If the marathon runner does not have good habit where he is practicing every single day, no matter rain or shine, he won’t be able to finish marathon where determination and practice are the two main recipes for success.

Successful people have good habits that make them consistently perform well in their area of expertise. For an example, Michael Jordan use wisely his off seasons taking hundreds of jump shots a day as he knew how important to have accurate stroke in basketball games. And well, you know the rest of that story.

From the past history and success stories we read from books or newspaper, we know that many highly successful people have failed hundreds of times until they found their golden key to unlock the treasure.

Michael Jordan once said:

My father used to say that it’s never too late to do anything you wanted to do. And he said, ‘You never know what you can accomplish until you try.’

You will never know the path you are stepping right now whether will lead you to the good and happy ending or not. But one thing for sure, you won’t be regret if this lead you to the hassle or obstacles because you have learned something and remember the lesson so that you have those unique experience and skills for your next adventure.

If you can dream it, you can do it

Dream will always stay as dream if you do not act now and take your first move. You will become what you dream and imagine only if you tell yourself now “I can do it if i want to be!” and start doing and stop dreaming.

I would be greatly appreciated if you share this article with your friends and family, thanks for making the world a better place.

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