Hey all, I love getting thoughtful emails and feedback and I read every one of them. If i missed any one of them, sorry. Do WhatsApp me directly 🙂


Though before you email me, please read through below frequently asked questions that i am always asked for:


What WordPress services do you offer?

I have developed websites and e-commerce using WordPress. Apart from this, i also provide WordPress support and maintain monthly package for anyone who need help.


Are you available for consulting?

I do take on a few consulting projects during my product building journey. I charge monthly and your budget should be at least in the mid four figures. My topics to consult on are digital transformation, product development and idea validation.


What about an e-commerce development?

Yep, I love doing e-commerce site using WooCommerce. your budget should be at least in the mid four figures. Do fill out below form for more details.


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