My Life Journey

Hey there! My name’s Terry Tsang and I like to build great products that delivering values. Recently i just launched WooStarter, a WooCommerce Starter Kit for ecommerce business owner and WordPress developer. It included over 10+ WooCommerce extensions that can empower your WooCommerce site. You should check it out.



In the past I’ve worked on WooCommerce extensionswriting books, and coding websites and e-commerce.

You may download my ebooks below:

10 Day E-Commerce – A WooCommerce Get Started Guide that divided into 10 chapters for beginner

EntKit — Entrepreneur Starter Kit, over 400+ Free Resources Link



As i have over 10 years in WordPress/WooCommerce and Product Development in startup, I am offering my technology consultation service to coach the business that would like to digital transform their business or develop a product that deliver highest business values. Do contact me if you are interested.

Right now, i started my product building journey from my idea list, cheers!



The launch of my first mobile app, stay tuned!



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