• Nick says:

    Hi, can you still get “Search Everything” version 6.9 to find WooCommerce product categories. I can get it to find SKU’s but not product categories.

  • Hi Terry, I made a quick plugin that will do a search for a product by sku. I tried using the search everything plugin and relenvassi but they don’t work if you have a variation type product with a certain sku and want the main product to be returned in the search rather than the variation. They also seemed a bit overkill and too much setup for what I wanted to do.

    Check it out at http://www.mattyl.co.uk/2012/12/11/woocommerce-plugin-to-search-products-by-sku/ (It will be on wordpress.org soon hopefully)

  • Giovanni says:

    Hi terry
    i tried this plugin and it works also with the category, just set on yes the option “highlights text”…

    but there is a problem…
    the shopbar sidebar doesnt appears…
    if i write in the search box a name of a category, the producs on this category appears correctly but the shop side bare on the left side no…
    maybe you know a little “trick” to fix this problem?


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