UniMy Industrial Talk “How to Sell.An Idea”

UniMy Industrial Talk “How to Sell.An Idea”

The talk was divided into three main sessions, namely, “How to Sell”, “An Idea” and “3 Life Questions”. During the first session, Mr. Terry Tsang had introduced to the attendees on various types of business models, types of products that can be sold and the technology that can be used for promoting and marketing the products. He subsequently shared “5 Golden Rules to Sell Anything” as the main content of the second session. The third session was focusing on student participation and motivation where they were asked to write some information regarding the three terminologies in life, which are, “LEARN”, “GROW” and “GIVE”, which was followed by the speaker’s explanation on the significance of each term and its reflection to the e-commerce.

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May 4, 2017

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