I have built WordPress Font Awesome Icons in the hope that all wordpress users can use this plugin to insert a collection of icons with different sizes and easier way to achieve that.

Download here

This is a plugin that allows you to use Font Awesome Icons by Dave Gandy in your WordPress site. You can use html, shortcode or text editor new icons to add font awesome icons to post/page content, widget, post/page title and many possiblities.

More code examples on the Font Awesome Icons please refer: http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/#code

For all 249 icons name, please use the “doc/font-awesome-icons-list.jpg” inside the downloaded zip file as reference.

How it works?!



WordPress Example Page at Page Editor


Wordpress PAge with Font Awesome Icons Touch Up

WordPress Page with Font Awesome Icons Touch Up

IF you would like to use editor icon (flag icon, 2nd last from behind), can refer here:

Using Page Editor Custom Icon to insert value


Step 1 : Fill in icon name


Step 2 : Fill in URL link if any (optional)


Step 3 : Fill in Open New Window (1 or 0)


Final Step : Fill in Text beside icon

So the code will be appeared as below:


And the website will display page just liked below:


Download WordPress Font Awesome Icons