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  1. Dear Terry,

    I would like to buy your woo commerce direct checkout pro, and have some questions.
    Can I get both add cart button and buy now button on product page?
    In your product description, it says that additional button is available.
    If it is possible, please let me know how.

    Lots of e-commerce merchants sells their products in South Korea, and your plugin is far better than other woo commerce checkout extensions, do you have any plan to support Korean?

    Thank you in advance.


    Jongsu Son

  2. Dear Terry,
    I took a look at the “WooCommerce Custom Checkout Options” plugin.

    I would like a check out billing address section with a drop down list.
    Postal Code-City-District
    Example: 402 Taichung South District
    It would have to be WPML compatible.
    ex: Chinese: 402台中南區 English 402,Taichung City,South District

    Please confirm if your plugin works for that.

  3. Greetings, I purchased your “add tip” plugin. Not sure why the add tip appears on the top of the proceed to checkout page with a dollar amount already added to the total bill? Not everyone is going to want to add a tip to there bill.

    1. Is there anyway to put the default tip amount to zero?

    2. Is there anyway to have the add tip button at the button of the shopping cart (verse the top)?

  4. Hi Terry,
    I use your WordPress/Woocommerce plugin “Sharelike Button”
    Recently I saw your name appears on display “Public App by Terry Tsang”. I can I do for replace your name by mine ?
    Thanks and regards


  5. Hi Terry

    I have recently upgraded Woocommerce and all Plugins,added MaxCDN and modified some W3 Total Cache settings and noticed that the number of likes showing on my products looks zero?

    Is this related to caching or Woocommerce updates? is there a way to fix it?

  6. Hi Terry, i’m currently busy building up a multi vendor market place. I allread use your extra fee plugin and now found another snippet from you when I was searching for a way to restrict the cart to a single vendor products only. On the following page someone was refering to you “single product in cart” snippet and mentioned this could be rebuilt to restrict the cart to a single vendor (but unlimited products) cart.

    I’m really new to WP and have no idea about PHP at all hence my question:
    Would you be able to tell me how this needs to look with the modification? And where do I need to insert this snippet?

    Thanks very much in advance.

  7. Hi Terry

    I really appreciate for the time you take to develop like and share buttons for woocommerce products. I am using your plugin in my wordpress website but I don’t know why when I share to facebook with it, facebook is telling me the share or plugin us in development stage. I can boost the share I made with you plugin in facebook too.

    Any idea why is this happening?

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