3 Steps to Enable SEO Friendly URL in OpenCart

SEO OpenCart

SEO plays an important role for eCommerce as this will be the one of effective ways to drive more traffic to you online shop. Other than Social Media that claimed to be the fastest way to get leads, but Social Media conversion rate is lower than SEO organic traffic where some research and survey were carried out recently.

OpenCart is a popular Open Source eCommerce platform where more and more users start building their online store with more free built-in features.


In order to enabled SEO in OpenCart, do follow below 3 steps:

Step 1: Enabled “Use SEO URL’s” in “System” > “Settings” > “Your Store” and at [Server] tab.

Enable SEO Url in System > Settings > Server

Enable SEO Url in System > Settings > Server

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Opencart : How to add Ckeditor for your textarea field

Opencart (www.opencart.com) is an open source PHP-based online e-commerce solution that has powerful features and a lot of extension for customization.

Today i would like to share how you can add ckeditor feature to the Catalog > Reviews “Text” field (textarea). This tips you can apply too for your extension development.

Step 1

Open review_form.tpl from ‘/admin/view/template/catalog’

You can find the code where show textarea code:

<td><textarea name="text" cols="60" rows="8"><?php echo $text; ?></textarea>

Add id=”description1″ to the textarea, new updated code is shown as below:

<td><textarea name="text" cols="60" rows="8" id="description1"><?php echo $text; ?></textarea>

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