WordPress 3.9 Smith

WordPress version 3.9 has been releases and have around 700K people like out site, named “Smith” in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith. Bows available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard.

There are few advanced functions that make this version better than before:

A smoother media editing experience


1. Improved visual editing

The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling. (Yeah, we’re talking about you, Microsoft Word.)


2. Edit images easily

With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now much easier to edit your images while editing posts. You can also scale images directly in the editor to find just the right fit.


3. Drag and drop your images

Uploading your images is easier than ever. Just grab them from your desktop and drop them in the editor.

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How to Limit Customer Buy One Product Only with WooCommerce

How to Limit Buying One Item Only in WooCommerce

I have started using WooCommerce since year 2012 and i like it because it provides me many customized options to suit my needs or client requirement.

Case Study:One of the possible situation is where i need to disable the shopping cart. In this way, the customer only can buy one item, if the customer goes to another product and tries to buy it, the cart will be cleaned and the last item added.

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How to Add Donate Button to Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce has become a popular eCommerce platform as more and more people are using this as their online store, event booking, online course, restaurant and others. One of the most needed functions is “Donation” for charity or “Tip” for restaurant.

I have developed a new plugin called “WooCommerce Donation/Tip Checkout” where you can enable this option to display a new donation form at the top of checkout page. I have combined two features (Donation and Tip) in this WooCommerce extension.

In WooCommerce Settings Panel, there will be a new submenu link called ‘Donation/Tip Checkout’ where you can:

*   Enabled / Disabled the option
*   Change “Message” to any text
*   Change “Button Label” to any text
*   Change “Title” to any text
*   Change “Default Amount” to any amount
*   Choose “Taxable”
*   Change “Minimum Donation/Tip Amount” to any amount

Admin WooCommerce Settings - Donation/Tip Checkout options

Admin WooCommerce Settings – Donation/Tip Checkout options

Frontend WooCommerce - Checkout page

Frontend WooCommerce – Checkout page

Download WooCommerce Donation/Tip Checkout

How to Fix Facebook Like Popup Window Gets Cut Off

Facebook Like Button has become a must for most of the websites if they want to implement social media integration on their website, online store, personal blog or web application.


If you have a popup window gets cut off problem when you click Like button, there is a fix.

Faebook Like Popup Windows Gets Cut Off

Facebook Like Popup Windows Gets Cut Off


In order to solve this issue, you can add below code to your css.

embed, iframe, object
    max-width: 635% !important;

Save the file and view the page again, hope this snippet will solve your problem just liked me.

My WooCommerce plugins that use this css:
1. WooCommerce Facebook Share Like Button
2. WooCommerce Social Buttons PRO